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Worship This Week

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Worship @ 10 am

Scripture: John 9:1-12

Rev. Adam Blons will be preaching this Sunday.

Melanie Safar, piano
Choir for a Day ~ Brad Bradshaw, director

During Worship (after the Children’s Message)
SPARK Beginners – Children three years old through Kindergarten are invited to SPARK! Beginners (Garden Room – Main Level).

Alleluia Choir – 1st through 3rd graders are invited to Alleluia Choir (Rex Knowles Room – Lower Level).

Program Hour (after worship)      
Music Garden – Children three years old through Kindergarten are invited to Music Garden (Garden Room – Main Level).
SPARK Elementary – 1st through 5th graders are invited to SPARK! Elementary (Crossroads – Lower Level)

Explorers – Explorers (6th and 7th grade youth) will meet in the Library to learn about the Bible through videos and discussion.
Confirmation – Student will meet in the Good News Room.

Resistance and Persistence: A Lenten Study for our Time, Plymouth Room
We live in a culture that separates mysticism and activism. We use language like “navel-gazing” and “on the front line” to drive the wedge in deeper. But these days, as we raise the cry of “resistance!,” another word is creeping in: persistence. How can we maintain our physical and spiritual stamina in the days ahead, when psychic numbing already threatens?

The answer is found in the prophetic witness of the Bible and our Christian heritage: spirituality and activism are not either/or propositions, but both/and necessities. That is, our resistance comes out as activism, and our persistence grows out of our spiritual practices.

Continuing to Sunday, April 2, we’ll look at how our faith impels us toward witness, but also nurtures us with such spiritual practices as contemplation and prayer. We’ll examine nonviolent strategies and more active forms of resistance, and balance both with spiritual practices that deepen our relationship with God. The goal is for each of us to determine for ourselves the best way forward: from the form our resistance will take to the habit of spirituality we form.

Afternoon/Evening Programs
OWL – We will meet at 4:15pm. Kids are in the Conference Room and parents are in the Good News Room.
Youth Fellowship – Dinner in the Social Hall at 5pm with a program to follow in the Crossroads.